Departmental Awards 2016-2017


Presidential Award- Eddy Raad

Grade 11 - Nicole Medeiros

Grade 10 - Megan Salsinha

Grade 9 - Molly Sullivan



Student of the Month 2016-2017


October-     Catherine Ledwidge (Mr. Laurence's class)

November-  Cally Machado (Mrs. Proulx's class)

December- Catin Moreira (Mr. Gibeau's class)

January-    Madeline Johnson (Mrs. Cabral's class)

February-  David Marshall Jr.  (Mrs. Cutner's class)

March-      Evan Carvalho  (Ms. Gay's class)

April-         Will Medeiros (Mr. Loper's class)

May-         Josie Martin (Ms. Mann's class)

June-        Jill Oliveira (Mrs. Rebello's class)

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